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  1. P

    240 SCR with two switches

    I looked around and I really couldn't find anything that talks about it. I'm running of of a 20amp twin pole circuit. I'm building a scr. I want one switch for the scr and the other for the outlet for anything besides the element plugged in, like a water pump for cooling. I have most of it...
  2. K

    Sold RIMS controller - 110V - $200

    RIMS controller. Controls pump and heating element to hit your target mash temp. 110V power Temperature control comes from a Auber EZboil. There is a safety interlock that keeps the heating element from turning on if the pump is on (so you don’t scorch your wort). I used this with a 1650W...
  3. jtrainer

    Pi - Control Panel Mounting on the brew rig

    OK, I'm building a replacement fermenter controller, but that project morphed in to possibly going all electric. Please understand I built my setup in 2004 for propane with zero automation. Heck, I still move my propane tank burner to burner... So as I scratch my head re-boxing my pi along...