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Jul 30, 2020
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Forgive me on my lack of biology/scientific knowledge, but digging deeper into the science of Pediococcus, it looks to “thrive” in optimal conditions of 6-8.0 ph depending on variety/strain ?!?

I’m a huge fan of “real” sours which are aged over time to develop. Not huge on quick lactobacillus / non Brett sours. So I’m curious if making a higher than normal ph wort could be ideal to utilize Pedio and provide more depth of flavors given the excess of work and longer “journey” of Brett and Pedio to drop the PH?

2nd part...
I’m also driving myself nuts trying to find more info on where I can source desirable Pediococcus (un-commercially) as I am in South America (Colombia) but trying to bring the complex beauty of well done mixed culture beers here. Amazon is an option, but don’t see sources on my end.
I’ve been enjoying wild yeast which go that route, but I’d love to get pure cultures on hand if anyone knows of an easy source. And also most “desireable” Pedio for brewing.