Once vinegar-y, always vinegar-y?

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Jan 3, 2008
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Bend, Oregon
I started a second batch of cider on top of the yeast cake from the first. The first turned out well, this one I don't know yet. . .

I started the second batch on the 5th of February. It took off like crazy and I ended up having to put a blow off tube on it through a few days of rhino farts. I left it alone until yesterday. The first batch cleared nicely after about 4 weeks, this batch started to clear a bit but now is still pretty cloudy. Yesterday I took a sample to see how it tasted. It was a bit vinegar-y smelling and very bitter tasting. Heavy in the mouth and bitter/sour and a bit vinegary. I gave some to my wife without saying anything about it, she tasted all the same stuff.

How do I fix this? Time? Heat? Sugar? Use it as a marinade?