Northern Lights

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Sep 1, 2017
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The Frozen Tundra/The Magic City
Anyone still up at this hour and near, or north of, the Canadian border, and is in an area where the skies are clear and there’s no light pollution, might want to take a look at the northern horizon. The Aurora Borealis, AKA northern lights, are putting on a show. It’s not as spectacular as some we have seen in this part of the world but well worth watching.

It looks like the best chances for viewing would be from the Great Lakes west and north of 45° latitude; the farther north the better
In the last hour the display has moved from just above the northern horizon to far south of us (48.9° North). In 60+ years of living in the northern latitudes I don’t think I’ve ever seen an aurora as far south as it is right now. It should be visible at least as far south as I-80. Quite spectacular.
My daughter took this in Glasgow at 1.00 am.
Maybe didn't hit the time right but here in West Central MN at 45.3150N what I saw was pretty lame. Nothing like the pictures posted.
Last night just before midnight. We’re in NW Washington ~45 min north of Seattle.

That’s what we were seeing at about the same time (0100 here).

I kicked myself for leaving my digital camera at the city house. I’ve never had much luck with a smartphone camera and nighttime sky photos.
This was almost what we saw, it was fainter to the eye than what my cell was picking up. I was unaware I could take such visible pictures in the dark. We remember the 2003 event prior and we were able to see. a little more color than this. Will be looking again tonight.
That is hella cool Gonna steal that one!

Also, tonight's show might be anemic compared to last night but Sunday night could be the biggy.
Not too much around here last night either. But, I did find a couple better dark places whilst out on Midnight patrol.