New Recipe Calculator for PC/Mac incorporates new BJCP guidelines!

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Jul 8, 2004
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Phoenix, AZ
Richard has designed a new beer recipe calculator that incorporates the new BJCP Guidelines. Plus it is built into an Excel file, so anyone who has Excel can use it, even a Macintosh user. If you've got Microsoft Office, you've got Excel, even if you're not already using it for anything.

It calculates color, bittering units, starting and finished gravity and compares them to style guidelines. It tells you details about the aroma and flavor of the style and even makes suggestions on ingredients. It also calculates calories. And it populates a shopping list and a competition entry form. The pop-up instructions take you step-by-step through the recipe creation.

However, we've recently learned from customers that some versions of Quattro Pro can't use the pull-down menus in the spreadsheet. Versions for use with OpenOffice (free program from Sun) and Quattro Pro are now in development and should be available soon.

Please check it out at our Web site at It is the featured item on our home page. :cool: