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Jul 6, 2011
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Do you like getting sprayed in the face with hot sticky wort? Didn't think so. Neither do we. Enter the Air Release Valve (ARV)!

When we set out to design and build the best pump out there, we spent a lot of time, attention and testing on figuring out the best and easiest way to prime a brew pump. We found that placing a purge valve on the inlet side of the pump provides the best way of getting air out of your pump head and hoses. All you have to do is twist the easy to grip knurled knob, then water and air start to flow through the ARV outlet.

We even placed a little barb in the pump head casting that faces front and center, so it's super easy to collect the fluid out of the barb and either dump it back into your kettle or just keep your brewing space clean and dry.

The really cool thing is when you run into an especially tough priming situation, such as if you have a super long and empty inlet hose, or a big airlocked bubble stuck in your 50 foot HERMS coil downstream, you can open the priming valve while the pump is running and get that air out without the obnoxious spray going everywhere like pumps with purge valves on the outlet. Since the inlet of the pump doesn't produce any pressure, the valve can be open even when the pump is flowing and you won't get sprayed.

At the end of the day, it's just another way to make your Brew Day easier and smoother. Wort belongs in your kettle. Not on your pants.

1 TC-Front_050622_Pump-TC-NPT-Bleed-Valve_SE.jpg 2 TC-Side_050622_Pump-TC-NPT-Bleed-Valve_SE.jpg

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