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Sep 10, 2019
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Saturday afternoon (6/4/2022) I brewed a 5 gallon batch of Pilsner. I used 10# Weyermann Barke Pilsner and .5# Weyermann Carahell and 1 oz Tettnang and 2 oz Saaz during the boil. I recently purchased a 2V system and have struggled with stuck mashes so for this batch that I'm describing, I used this new system as a 1V BIAB with bag and basket.
Here is my process I used:
1. 8.75 gallons of strike water heated to 154* - with lid on kettle - should have used less water
2. Mashed for 50 minutes at 152* - with lid on kettle - recirculated the entire time - maybe could have done at a lower speed?
3. Preboil volume was 8.25 gallons - after squeezing bag
4. Preboil gravity was 1.035 - a bit lower than hoped
5. Boiled for 50 minutes - without lid - hoping for more boil off
6. Added 2 whirlfloc tablets @10 minutes
7. Ran boiling wort through my counterflow chiller - wort coming out of counterflow chiller was 68*
8. Sanitized fermenter and put 5.75 gallons in to the fermenter - OG was 1.042
9. Chilled fermenter down to 55* with glycol chiller
10. Sanitized and pitched 1 package of Imperial #17 Harvest Lager yeast
11. No sign of fermentation after 12 hrs - very uncommon when I've used this yeast
12. Very slow / sluggish fermentation started around 24 hrs
13. Still not very active/aggressive fermentation but it's fermenting.....however

My concern is the lack of movement of yeast/trub in the sight glass. Actually, as you can see, the sight glass is crystal clear - like it has had a clarifying agent added to it. In over 100 brews, I have never seen this before. Is this common? Also I am including a picture of my other fermenter sight glass showing what I normally see. This batch I brewed Thursday (6/2/2022) - it's an American Light Lager and it has been very active in fermentation.

Comments and suggestions are needed.


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