Need some prayers for ND

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Mar 31, 2008
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tundra of North Dakota
Hey guys, this is just an appeal for some prayers for ND. The entire state has been declared a disaster area as flooding that was already bad was made worse by rain and a blizzard. Many families have been displaced and are hoping for the best.

In Bismarck my parents and sister were evacuated Tues morning and for the most part are unsure of the status of our house. Today the entire south half of the city is waiting to hear if they have to leave.

Fargo has been sandbagging since last week in a race against the red river, which is expected to crest Fri or Sat.

Here in Grand Forks we were devastated by a flood in '97 and are sitting ok at any moment, thanks to the work done since then. Although that could change at any time, especially with the moisture we've had over the past few days.

Many small towns have already been flooded.
Here are a few links for the more curious.

Bismarck flooding

Red river flooding

Thanks in advance for keeping us in your thoughts.