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Jan 6, 2022
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Getting ready to brew my first all grain NEIPA, building my own recipe. Need some advice on building out the hop combo. My head is spinning since I’ve got all these leftovers in the freezer lol

Citra Lupomax

Recommendations? Advice on how to decide what combos to put together and the ratios?
All Citra is hard to beat! I have never used Bru-1 but some of my best beers were all Citra. The best NEIPA I ever made was Magnum/Galaxy/Strata on the hotside and WP and DH with Galax/Strata/Cashemere. Personally, after brewing about a dozen NEIPA's and over 50 brews under my belt i would keep it simple otherwise it will end up being a hop soup. I would pick two hops and run with that. It's such a hard style to nail down!

The all Citra is not a NEIPA but damn good Sip of Sunshine clone.

1oz Citra @ 60
1oz Citra @ 20
3oz Citra @ 5

3oz Citra WP
3-4oz Citra DH

Whatever you decide to do the trend seems to have moved to a 4 oz whirlpool with bittering hops. This and the malt bill really helped me take m NEIPA to the next level. I started out doing 6oz WP and now moved 4oz WP and add 60min and 10 min additions. Again, i would take a proven recipe and start from there, you can waste a lot of hops and $ experimenting with combos trying to figure out what you like. It's a style that has really kicked my ass!
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You might consider which lend themselves better for bittering with higher alpha acids and which lend themselves better for just aroma and flavors. I've only used two of those on your list, Citra and Mosaic. And they are decent for both bittering and aroma/flavor notes. Don't know about the others.

Also might consider the cost of each too. Even though a hop might have good levels of bittering acids, if it also has pronounced and desirable flavor and aroma notes, then save it for the latter parts of the boil if it is expensive and use a less expensive hop for the first bittering addition. Though if these are leftover hops, you've already paid that cost.