NB Hack: Save ~$5 per sack of grain

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Sir Humpsalot

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Nov 26, 2006
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Hey folks! I just figured this out today and thought that some of you who can't get in on a group buy might appreciate it.

If you are buying a bunch of heavy stuff (such as specialty grains by the pound or malt extract), in addition to a sack or three of grain, from NorthernBrewer, you can save some scratch by putting through the one order, with qualifying Super Saver purchases, and then creating a second order for your bulk grains or other non-qualifying items. Otherwise, the meter starts ticking on all the weight you add, regardless of whether those parts of the order would qualify for the flat rate shipping.

In my case, it saved me about $10 on two sacks of grain, compared with placing it all as one order.

As for hops, Nikobrew has me covered. I had almost 4 pounds of hops in my cart there, got distracted, and came back an hour later to discover that he had just begun a 20% off sale, so I took advantage of the lower prices there as well.

What can I say? It's a great day to be a homebrewer :ban: