My Third Anniversary! Prost!

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Feb 12, 2012
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North Vancouver
I'm happy to celebrate my third anniversary of brewing!

I started out as a DME brewer 15 years ago, and don't remember using hops with the canned kits I was using. I quit that after a few batches of skunk.

Then in 2011, I decided to fire up the kettle again, brewing LME with speciality grains and hops additions, as I'm sure many of you are or did.

Now I'm brewing what I consider quite awesome beer! I'm proud to own a stainless steel mash paddle. I have a real hard time buying craft beer, and never commercial beer (from the big 3).

My first beer was a Strathcona Pale Ale. Here's a photo of #1:

My current batch is an Albino Kangaroo! White IPA with Topaz and Ella hops, Belgian Wit yeast, coriander and orange peel. A substantial step up from #1 - it even looks better.

This is my 56th batch, of a total of 59 since November, 2011. That's 295 gallons, 1116 litres of goodness!

How many have you made? What anniversary are you celebrating?



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Feb 19, 2011
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It was 4 years ago today +/- we got our first batch of beer going after quitting wine 20 some years before. It was the Cooper's micro brew set, which the fermenter I still use. See my back story on Brew & A. I've made a few dozen batches since those kit-n-kilo beers I started adding things to. I now do pb/pm biab & like experimenting with rare or extinct styles. I also began to like writing about my journey through this happy madness. Gotta get back to work on book two today.