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SUCCESS!! On Superbowl Sunday, I opened my first batch of Mr. Beer Canadian Draft. It was a little bit light on the carbonation (I used carb tablets instead of sugar), but overall it tasted great, and continued to give off very tiny bubbles the whole time I was drinking it (which of course didn't take long). Here are a couple of pictures from the milestone event, Pouring the first bottle:

What a beautiful homebrew!

My homebrew in the Superbowl action (among the chips, dip, and snacks).
I have a similar story, I got my Mr. Beer brew kit at Christmas and enjoyed my Vienna Lager during Superbowl, it came out nice, but I too had trouble with the carbonation, I used priming sugar instead of white sugar, not sure if there is some sort of conversion that I should be doing, I will check out this site and see if anyone knows. Your beer looked great!
My first brewing experience was a mr. Beer kit back in 2001. It was an American amber. I followed the instructions to the letter. Replaced the household suger with corn. After opening the first brew I was devistated. The beer had a cider-like flavor and aroma. That was my first and last experience with can kits. Shortly after I switched to non hopped extract brews thst were more complicated than the mr. beer kitt. It was a humble start for me. And im happy to say ive grown because of it.