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Missing Dog, Please Help!

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Feb 4, 2018
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Arizona / Colorado
I read this or something similar in both of my AZ and CO communities nearly every day from Spring through Fall. Plus, I receive various text alerts from the AKC Reunite about lost dogs in my area with all their info. These reports break my heart as I know many of these animals are killed or severely injured by vehicles or other animals before they are found.

To give some background, at one time I wanted to be a vet and was pursuing those studies in the College AG at a University. When I was 15 years old, I started working for veterinarians for FREE because I wanted to learn and help animals and because I wanted to be a vet someday. Too many times I would see animals that had gotten out of their yard or house and had been injured. I was there with owners crying as much as they were when they gave their beloved animal the last act of kindness and love they could.

There has been a CHEAP solution to help find pets quickly and it helps dramatically to reduce injury and deaths along with the cost from vets due to treating the animals. Since animals will get out by accident or by unintentional ways it is important to locate them quickly. The solution is a GPS unit on their collar that is monitored and can quickly pinpoint their location.

I researched the various manufactures and decided on the Whistle GO Explore GPS unit. Along with the unit, I bought a two year monitoring subscription which uses AT&T cell towers that cost only $6.95 a month. The cost of the higher end unit with a longer battery life and the two year monitoring subscription is SO cheap when compared to an expensive vet bill or loosing a precious part of our family.

The time to buy such a device and subscription is BEFORE the dog is lost. Again, it really is so cheap. While I realize the pandemic may be affecting your cash flow, please consider something like a GPS unit to help save your dog from injury or death along with avoiding expensive vet bills....


Below you can see Marlee wearing the her magenta color Whistle GO Explore.......


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