Milk Crates 2 for $11.24 + tax

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May 21, 2020
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East Tennessee
I had been storing my Grolsch flip-top beer bottles in cardboard boxes. These boxes were falling apart and impossible to clean. I wanted a better storage solution, so I went on the hunt for milk crates. A 13" x 13" (outside dimensions) crate should hold 16 3-inch-diameter bottles.

The least expensive crates I found were at Tractor Supply Co. Buddeez Heavy Duty Milk Crates, Set of 2, cost $11.24. You can get your choice of a few different colors--I chose green and "tan camo" (brown) to match the colors of my bottles. They are advertised as stackable. My local store did not have any in stock, so I ordered them online and had them ship to store. Shipping to the store is free.

After Tennessee sales tax, my cost per crate was $6.17 each. Most online stores wanted almost as much for shipping as they did for the crates themselves. One local store wanted nearly $9 plus tax per crate and what few they had were all black. The other local stores I checked said they only carry milk crates during back-to-school season.

Other than customer, I have no relationship to Tractor Supply Co.
FYI: 16 ounce Grolsch bottles are a VERY tight fit. I didn't break any bottles when I stuffed them into these crates, but there is less than zero room to spare. I'm going to let them sit in my sunroom for a while. It heats to 100 degrees F out there during the summer. I'm hoping this will do two things: 1) Soften the plastic slightly; 2) Expand the bottles. Perhaps when I bring the crates into the air conditioned house, the plastic will stay stretched just a bit and the bottles will contract just a bit.

I bought 5 sets of two green crates and one set of two of the tan camo crates. It looks like the tan camo crates are simply a "kitchen sink" mix of different plastic colors.