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Feb 10, 2017
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Sheridan, IN
New to this group! I am looking into getting a McCann big mac carbonator for a commercial winery to force carbonate wine on the way to the bottler. The wine will be chilled to about 30'F prior to being pumped into the carbonator to better absorb the CO2. Bench trials have found that about 40psi is required to adequately carbonate the wine.

First, with regard to the effectiveness and configuration of this carbonator unit, is there any problem with running the pressure over 40psi?

Second, the big mac tank is around 2 gallons or so. The bottling unit can handle work through that volume within 10 minutes or so. What is the maximum through or carbonated liquid that the McCann unit can produce? In other words, can a chilled liquid be effectively carbonated in 10 minutes with this equipment?

Thanks for your help!