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  1. C

    Inherited Parts from roommate looking for help

    All, I've inherited the following parts from my roommate (who has now left). He had dreams of making seltzer water at home and now I'm looking to complete those dreams. Here is what I have - 1 carbonator [from research online it looks like the mccann carbonator] - 1 5 lb tank of CO2 full...
  2. jgmillr1

    McCann Big Mac Carbonator throughput and CO2 pressure setting

    New to this group! I am looking into getting a McCann big mac carbonator for a commercial winery to force carbonate wine on the way to the bottler. The wine will be chilled to about 30'F prior to being pumped into the carbonator to better absorb the CO2. Bench trials have found that about 40psi...