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  1. T

    McCann Big Mac Carbonator: Backflow Valves Keep Blowing Out

    I have built a homemade (seltzer) water machine with a small corny keg and the Mc Cann tank in a small fridge under the house (directly under the Kitchen). The Mc Cann motor sits on top of the fridge. After about a year the Backflow preventer on a rebuilt Big Mac blew and c02 was pushing back...
  2. jgmillr1

    McCann Big Mac Carbonator throughput and CO2 pressure setting

    New to this group! I am looking into getting a McCann big mac carbonator for a commercial winery to force carbonate wine on the way to the bottler. The wine will be chilled to about 30'F prior to being pumped into the carbonator to better absorb the CO2. Bench trials have found that about 40psi...
  3. NorthCountyBrewing

    Missouri McCann's E4 Carbonator Pump w/soda pump

    McCann's E4 Carbonator Pump for sale.Used, still works perfect. Comes with one Coke style Bag-in-Box Soda pump. Free Shipping to Lower 48. $300 OBO. PayPal.