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Dr. Fedwell

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Feb 26, 2007
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Haiku Maui
I found a March 809 with a brass wet end on ebay for $120. Does anyone have input as to whether this is more/ less desireable than the plastic model, other than the obvious increased durability.
I'm completely speculating here, but I'd bet its only the housing that's brass and the impeller assembly is still plastic. If anyone cares to correct me here, please do. Point being you might be able to replace parts instead of the entire assembly down the road if you have issues, but the max temp and flow rate would not be different. As you already mentioned, I'd assume its all about durability.
As I recall, the brass end is for strength in fitting installation and fitting 'smack' resistance.

The pumps are intended for sanitary use and the plastic ends don't corrode at all so that is the commonly used material-things may get more physical on some brew carts than others. :D

I believe they are obtainable as a replacement for broken plastic ends as well.
Don't want to steal the thread here but I found a March 893-002-02 on ebay for around $25.00. I've been looking to buy a pump and was wondering what the thoughts of the group were? I see from above that the 890 should run about $90 on ebay but I'm finding them for around $130. Would it suffice for the set-up you currently have?

Got a link?
yeah, I talked to tate just this week and he is runnin 130 shipped for a single pump, if you buy in qty 2+ he'll cut you a nice break. He is the cheapest around.

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