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Mar 15, 2019
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At the title implies, I am considering using this for my next mead or possibly a melomel. I am possibly going to do a blackberry and juniper brew with wildflower honey. I will likely begin with an SG of 1.095 give or take a few points, and use an SNA consisting of Fermaid K, O, and DAP. The yeast will be rehydrated with Go-Ferm.

Anyways as for the yeast, I got my inspiration from the original BOMM using 1388 and the subsequent dry yeast experiment done by Bray. I tried all of the dry yeasts he listed (Except for Vierka) and it was a lot of fun. I learned a lot as well. This yeast M41 is labeled as Belgian Ale yeast and the package describes it as spicy and phenolic. The rated ABV is 12% so I think I can take it pretty high in a mead. It could turn out wonderful, or it could turn out funky. I will probably just do a 3 gallon batch.

Anyone have experience with this yeast, or thoughts on the idea?