Loose Cannon by Clipper City Brewing Co. - SICK!

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Aug 5, 2008
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Roanoke, VA
Sick nasty good! I had a 24oz mug of this beauty on tap and was blown away by it's taste and alcohol content. I'm not good yet with naming flavors and notes of a beer but this thing was hopped out, had a good malt balance, and had a bit of a fruity finish to it.

I started by sampling this with a Sam Adams Noble Pils. I went with the Loose Cannon. The Pills was good but the Cannon was what I was looking for. After finishing my beer I switched back to the Sam Adams and literally had trouble finishing it after the Cannon! The flavors were totally lacking in comparison.

With an ABV of 7.5% I am dieing to make this beer and make it my house beer this is possibly the best IPA I have ever tried.

I have found one clone online but would like to see who has attempted to make this beer and how it turned out? Recipes welcome! :mug:


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Jul 25, 2006
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State College
Here's my recipe. It comes pretty close to the draft version.

Post #37. The only changes since I began making this beer is I've switched yeast to white labs Pacific ale yeast (more malty) and I've added 1 oz of Amarillo in a hopback.

pjj2ba's Loose cannon clone

I just kegged the latest version on Monday! Can't wait!

I like the Centennial/Palisade combo. Last year I made a 10 gal batch split it in two for dry hopping. I used Centenial and Amarillo in one and Palisade and Simcoe in the other. I had a slight preference for the Palisade Simco version, but I like the original Centennial/Palisade combo the best.