Keg coupler check valve issue

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Jul 15, 2020
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I am very new to kegging; I own two corny kegs I use regularly and I purchased a pony keg coupler to have on hand. I had to use the keg coupler for the first time yesterday but the beer wouldn’t dispense. I looked at the check valve and it looked to have no openings for the gas to enter the keg. I removed it and it worked with limitations (gas leaks and risk of back flow). Should I make an opening on the rubber check valve or may this be due to another issue?
Thank you
Its called a duck bill and it most certainly would let gas through. It doesnt look like there is an opening but blow through it.
Hey, thank you. I did try to blow through it and it did let air (my breath) through, but when it is in the keg coupler it seems like it doesn’t let the CO2 through. I was running 10-12psi.

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