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  1. A

    Perlick Taps and Sankey Couplers

    (3) Perlick taps all chrome plated. $50 shipped for all three. (2) sankey couplers $30 shipped for both. This is stuff I had lying around that I never used. I would suggest replacing soft goods. Visually they all seem fine and operate. One of the perlicks is a little tight.
  2. P

    Kegerator Line Question

    Hi All! New to the forum, hoping some of you can share some wisdom. I am hoping to change a rather dirty draft line and I encountered an issue when taking apart the kegerator coupler. Please see the attached photos. Can anyone tell me if that cinched piece of metal is closing the tube down...
  3. snarf7

    How are these fittings supposed to go together?

    I purchased these OneBom conversion fittings for converting a sankey coupler to accept ball lock connectors for easy connect/disconnect. One of them seems to work as expected but the other leaks around the coupler connection itself and I'm wondering why since I've tried different taps and i'm...