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Adam's Apples

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Sep 30, 2006
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I git a couple of plastic pressure barrels / kegs for christmas, which I am thinking will save time and hassle of bottling all the time. I will still bottle some, just so I can share my results with friends and family, but will definately not be bottling evry batch anymore.

When carbonating beer in a keg, do you guys just prime with sugar / malt etc as you would in bottles, or do you just inject cO2?

I have a cO2 cannister, which I have been told that I may need to screw onto the top of the barrel and squirt for a couple of seconds as the volume of beer inside drops - as the pressure will reduce too.

Any recommendations you guys have would be appreciated.. Presumably I could just inject cO2 into the barrel with the wort rather than priming, but would this result in a 'dead beer' as no yeast activity will be present?


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