Inkbird temperature controller not functioning as expected

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Sep 5, 2012
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Hi all,

I wonder if someone can help me with my new Inkbird ITC-100VH temperature controller, which I am using to control the temperature in a small toaster oven.

This seems to be a PI controller, as there I can't see a "D" setting in the instruction manual. There is a setting for "hysteresis time" (t), but I'm not exactly sure what that is. Perhaps that's like the Derivative gain?

First I tried using the Auto-tune function, which produced PI and t values of
  • M50 = 375
  • P = 350
  • t = 291

Even with these values, the temperature inside the oven was extremely unstable, overshooting the set point by at least 20ºC (68ºF).

So I tried setting the parameters by hand. I started with extremely conservative values, setting the I (M50) to zero, and also setting the hysteresis time to zero. The P was set to 10.

Even with these very low values, the results were surprising. The controller kept full power on all the way up to the set point and slightly beyond! As I understand it, a basic P controller should start to reduce the power as it approaches the set point, and should be completely off when it goes above the set point.

What am I doing wrong here? Any help or insight really appreciated.

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