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  1. kotamoore23

    120/240v DIY PID Controller Help

    I am new to HomeBrewtalk but have been brewing for about 2 years now with a year of that on a 120v clawhammer system. I am about to upgrade my garage to have 240v outlet so of course I want to build a controller that can utilize the power. But I often take my brewing system to friends that that...
  2. B

    Sold Brew-Boss V1 Controller - $300 w/ Free Shipping to Anywhere in United States

    Up for sale is a Brew-Boss V1 Controller. This is a stock image but mine is exactly the same. I purchased this system from someone and already have a controller so I don't need this one. I have powered it up and it works as expected, planning to do a quick boil test this weekend as well...
  3. A

    Ohio Complete Setup - Northeast Ohio

    Following items for sale: 5# CO2 tank - $35 Oxygen aerator - $30 Fermwrap - $15 Inkbird heat/cool digital controller - $30 Magnetic stir plat - $15 Lid opener - $1 Thermowell - $10 Kettle spider - $20 Float valves - $5 Autosiphon- $5 Carboy cleaner - $10 Norstar CO2 harvester kit - $25 Tilt...
  4. M

    120v 20a Controller build advice

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to homebrew talk but I've been brewing for about 2 years and it's time for an upgrade! I've been researching a DIY controller. The setup I'm going for is a single vessel eBIAB, one pump for recirculation/counterflow chilling, 20a 120v power, 2250w heating element. I have...
  5. micraftbeer

    Michigan SOLD Blichmann BrewCommander 120V

    I got this BrewCommander in Jul-2019 and used it for one year. At that point, I upgraded my system to 240V and got a new 240V BrewCommander. If you want to read up on it, you can check Blichmann’s website, or the review I did online for this (links below). It’s been sitting on my shelf as a...
  6. Tommytomtom17

    Electric Brew BCS-460 Controller and Temp Sensors

    Heya! I changed my setup a bit and have some things I no longer need. I have: (1) BCS-460 controller ...............................$150 OBO (1) Power supply ..........................................$25 OBO (2) 1/2" MPT 2" long temp senors.........$30 OBO (1) 6" straight...
  7. E

    Keezer temperature controller considerations for longest life

    So right now my keezer uses an inkbird single stage temp controller. The probe is in a glass of water on the hump portion of the inside of the keezer and I have the temp set to 39F with a 2deg differential so it kicks on at 41F and kicks off at 39F when it cools back down to this temp and the...
  8. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft: Chest Freezer Fermentations

    I have been using my BrewsBySmith Fermentation Kit for about nine months now and it has undoubtedly become an integral part of my brewing process. I've grown so attached to the way I can set it to accurately control the temperature of my fermenting beer that I won't ferment another batch of...
  9. L

    Colorado Brand New Auber brewing controller parts (Kal Clone)- Colorado Springss

    Fellow home brewers, I had a dream of building an Auber PID single element brewing controller, but never got around to it. This listing contains everything you need minus wires and a few plugs. For the exact parts, I took pictures of the inventory sheets. Everything is brand new. I am asking...
  10. micraftbeer

    Michigan 120V/20A RIMS Controller

    $145 Brew-Control 120V controller with L5-20 plug to run your element (up to 2250W), and a grounded 3-prong receptacle to run your pump. The PID controller has set point temperature adjustable to the nearest 0.1 degrees F, and has an auto-tune feature to automatically tune your PID gains for...
  11. BandonBrewingCo

    Any EU/UK Brew/Temp Controller Out There?

    Google says no, all the forums says no, computer says no (cough). Does anyone know of anything anywhere in the EU that can do 240V, 15A & 3500W? Just throwing it out there on the off change I have missed something! I tried building my own with the CraftBeerPi but I'm not an electrician and...
  12. S

    80AMP Control panel $225

    Complete control panel with wire diagram. Have not drilled holes for any end device connections. Aluminum sides and stainless top&bottom Getting a new job and don’t have time to finish.
  13. Paladen

    Arizona Hosehead 5bc Electric brewing controller

    Hosehead brewery controller. Will controll two 240v 5500W elements on 30amps one at a time.Great for a HERMS system You can read more about it at Iam not a software guy.Old school prefer buttons and PID's. If you like raspberry Pi computers and software ,you should buy this. It...
  14. jmgreen7

    Homemade fermentation controller

    All, I'd like to move beyond the basic inkbird temperature controller in order to save and track my temperatures during fermentation and cold crashing. I was considering building a craftbeerpi controller to do just that. The advantage is that i can monitor my diy glycol chiller temperature and...
  15. backyardwizard

    SSBREWTECH 1V system (20 GAL)

    Like new Sssbrewtech 1V system ebrewing system. Got this a few weeks ago. Setup, passivated, and brewed one beer. This is essentially new with no dings or other issues. The pump shown on the picture is not included. Retails for 1049 plus tax. Available for pickup in Reseda, or shipping (at your...
  16. R

    Inkbird temperature controller not functioning as expected

    Hi all, I wonder if someone can help me with my new Inkbird ITC-100VH temperature controller, which I am using to control the temperature in a small toaster oven. This seems to be a PI controller, as there I can't see a "D" setting in the instruction manual. There is a setting for "hysteresis...
  17. tch330

    1 BBL Stout Brewhouse, NEW 100 Amp 4 element brewery controller, 1 BBL FV with True GDM26 cooler

    All items listed included for $4700 1 BBL Stout Brewhouse 40 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank with HERMS Coil and Sight Glass HL40TW-HC (376) 40 Gallon Mash Tun with False Bottom and Bottom Outlet SKU MT40TW-RF-BO 45 Gallon Brew Kettle with Tangential Inlet and Sight Glass SKU BK45TW-TI-SG 3x 1.5" TC...
  18. A

    DIY controller vs Prebuilt costs?

    looking to put together a 240v eBIAB setup for a 5500w element, recirculating pump, EZ Boil controller. What is more cost effective; -using a pre-designed and packed solution like the Auber Instruments control panel DIY kit for $395, or -create my own design and source the parts myself from a...
  19. L

    Arduino Bluetooth eBIAB controller with Windows 10 App

    Hey Folks, I thought I'd share this with everyone as I think it would be useful to others out there that like to tinker. I had posted a long time ago about my eBIAB setup here: I have gone a few...
  20. serum67

    March Pumps, Temp Controllers + More

    Hello All, Please see the items at the link below with prices. Shipping will be USPS Flat Rate. Items: - 1x Chugger Pump w/ Stainless Head - 1x March Pump - Cam Locks - Various Auber Temp Controllers - Johnson Controls A419 - 2x 23 tip jet burners