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  1. P

    Add a PID on top of a Grainfather S40

    Hi gang, I have recently purchase a grainfather S40 for real cheap. Prior to that, I used a DIY kettle with an Auber EZboil PID. The only thing that I find deceiving with the Grainfather S40 is the temp control (no PID with the S40). I was wondering if I could add my EZboil on top of my S40...
  2. Teedocious

    For Sale RIMS Partial setup -- PID, pump, heating element, thermocouple

    Moving houses, time to downsize brewing equipment. For sale (Peninsula, SF Bay Area, CA): Working basic RIMS setup. toolbox with mounted pump, pid controller. Electric (120V) heating element in stainless casing, type K thermocouple. Quick disconnect fittings on pump. Pump and PID wired with...
  3. U

    Illinois Various Electric Brewing and Stainless Fittings - $200

    I have a lot of fittings and other pieces of brewing equipment for sale. Electric Brewing parts: - (3) 6 ft cable, New (2 red, 1 orange), comes with a 3-pin disconnect at the probe end and a 3-pin female XLR connector at the control panel end - $35/each - 8ft cable, New (blue), comes with a...
  4. J

    Budget Herms System - Part One

    Mash recirculation is a popular technique. Most of the new integrated single-vessel packages (Grainfather, etc.) include the feature. A growing number of home brewers today incorporate mash recirculation in their BIAB or multiple vessel rigs, frequently adding temperature control through either...
  5. W

    Questions about eBIAB systems

    Hello everyone! This will be my first post on this forum after lurking on various fora for a few weeks, reading and gathering as much information as I could before the answers to my questions became too difficult to understand without help - so here I am :ban: As the title indicates I am...
  6. L

    Colorado Brand New Auber brewing controller parts (Kal Clone)- Colorado Springss

    Fellow home brewers, I had a dream of building an Auber PID single element brewing controller, but never got around to it. This listing contains everything you need minus wires and a few plugs. For the exact parts, I took pictures of the inventory sheets. Everything is brand new. I am asking...
  7. T

    REX-C100 in Brew in Basket setup overshoots

    I recently moved from a cloth bag for my eBIAB setup to a stainless mash basket. In my last brew day, I noticed the kettle overshoots significantly (more than 5C). I think this might have to do with the basket causing less circulation in the kettle, but I'm not sure. Maybe it's something to do...
  8. J

    Temperature Variations - PID / Thermo / RIMS

    I use a RIMS set-up for mashing / all gain recipes, and I recently tried (failed) to heat up the sparge water using the same system ... which is where my question comes in. But first, a couple details. My system for mashing is a large insulated cooler with a spigot, mesh filter (false bottom)...
  9. G


    Bought a few years ago and never got around to making the setup. I've got the PID, its in my current brew box,I'm going through my stuff and thought about setting this up to run my fridge. i just updated the firmware. I tried to setup and i'm apparently not smart enough to make it work with...
  10. M

    Ohio Electric Keggle, Control Panel, MT, Plate Chiller

    I'm selling most of my hot side equipment in attempt to simplify. I'm keeping everything together for now, pick up only. I'll part out if it doesn't sell in two weeks. - Keggle with welded fittings in the bottom and one weldless towards the top that I used for a steam condenser. 5500 watt...
  11. F

    2 element/SSR from one PID

    Hi there. Can someone comfirm that this is the correct method to do this. I hope that this will work because i only got 16A i my house. So derfor 2 x 3200W element and not 5500W :P Frank
  12. izzycm

    10 gal HERM brewing system - $1000

    10 gallon HERMS system. This is an automated single tier Brew setup. It automatically maintains the temperature of the HLT, Mash Tun, and Boil Kettle. The Quick Disconnect fittings are 304-stainless steel. This listing includes the following : 1 - Brewstand/Shelving Unit 1 - Mash Tun with...
  13. C

    Yet another PID question.

    I am building a controller that will have two SSR(s) that control two different devices (heating element/heating element or heating element /cooling. I have a TA4-SSR (not -SNR or -RNR). My question is can I connect SSR(s) to either AL1 or AL2 do I need to provide dc power to pins 5 or 6? The...
  14. R

    Inkbird temperature controller not functioning as expected

    Hi all, I wonder if someone can help me with my new Inkbird ITC-100VH temperature controller, which I am using to control the temperature in a small toaster oven. This seems to be a PI controller, as there I can't see a "D" setting in the instruction manual. There is a setting for "hysteresis...
  15. JK29

    Rex-C100 PID - CKC Tinner - Troubleshooting

    What's up Beer guys! I'm a custom knifemaker... and I'm finding out that you guys have a community that is well versed in operating PID controllers! I'm acurrently using this RexC100 to operate my tempering oven. I'm hoping you guys could help me out with the settings to get it operating in a...
  16. A

    PID Question - Manual, vs Auto vs Manual Inhibit

    The first two seem obvious, Manual - You choose the power setting Auto - System does it all What does Manual Inhibit do? I know the IPB-16 comes pre-defaulted to Manual Inhibit and I don't know if I need to change this (or not).
  17. P

    PID With Outlet And Switch Help

    Hi Everyone, Please see below for my wiring diagram on my PID. This is all in a boxed enclosure meant to control my 1500W element and pump on separate switches. Everything is wired for 110V. Red is representing neutral. This was working fine for about 15 mins. I could use both switches and...
  18. msal

    Wiring PID to a shutoff valve

    Hey all, I am working on putting together a small proof-of-concept controller for a local brewer based on some parts he had purchased. I've put together my own Electric Brewing controller (their BIAB kit) and built a few control boxes based on STC-1000s, but I wouldn't call myself an expert by...
  19. B

    Boil Control for Electric Brewing

    I just switched my homebrew setup from propane to electric (5500 W element in BK and HLT). I previously used an Arduino to control the propane burners for my HLT and BK (combo of 5V relays, 120:24V furnace TX, and furnace gas valve) I am reusing the Arduino because it will keep most of my...
  20. H

    eBrewsupply Black Thursday/Friday Special

    Electric Brewing Supply is excited to announce our LIMITED QUANTITIES, Holiday special. There will only be 4 packages total, available at the discount price, starting on Turkey day at 8pm Central Standard Time, and only to be available through the end of Friday. NOTE: Neither kit will include...