Ingredient question: mixing DME, fresh fruit vs canned

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Sep 3, 2007
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Davis (outside Sacramento)
I am brewing Cheese's CCA tomorrow and I have Light DME from different brands- one Coopers, the other unmarked from my LHBS. Is it ok to mix them? Also, what's the difference between fresh fruit vs canned (using Oregon). I am making a mead using blackberries (I guess making it a melomel). Thanks.:mug:

Edit: I forgot about frozen fruit. That too. Fresh vs frozen vs canned
No problem with mixing extracts.

I freeze fruit before use to maximize flavor extraction. If you are buying fruit, typically the ripest fruit is frozen because it won't survive the trip to market. I've got two gallons of blackberry melomel waiting to be bottled. I fermented the honey first, then put the mead on the thawed fruit for a second ferment.
Ok, sounds good to me. Would you mind posting your recipe? What yeast did you use? I'm new to brewing mead and have been trying to find a decent rookie recipe.