How quick for Brett to work in Saison to be blended?

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Feb 3, 2014
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The Big Easy
Hi, kind of a weird question here. But mainly, I've never dealt with Brett before (by itself, not in a mixed culture). How long does it take to provide any character (tart/funk)? And is that dependent on if it is co-fermented with Sacc, etc? Can I get Brett character in 4 weeks?

Full story:

I have two carboys of red ("Flanders-style") mixed ferm beers that I brewed in 2019. I just tasted them, and while one has gone too acetic, the only is only mildly acetic (perhaps a touch too much out of style). I had some luck by blending them in tasting cups with a clean Saison (20:3:1, saison/carboy A/carboy B) to where it leveled out the acetic-ness, but also removed a lot of the funk and sour.

So I'm brewing a Saison to replicate the blend at full scale, and initially was going to keep it clean, but now I'm thinking I'd like to add some tart/sour/funk to the new Saison, to add complexity to the blend. And I'm trying to figure out the best way to achieve that in such a short time (need to have kegged and carbed by June 22nd).

I was just going to use some Lacto plantarum to give a nice tart/sour and then dry hop (to inhibit lacto) and ferment with Saison yeast, but then thought about Brett. And hence my question above. Would adding Brett before the Saison yeast allow it to get going quicker in the same manner? Is there a better way to do it?

Thanks for any responses! Trying to brew this weekend!

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