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  1. F

    Wild ale experiment!

    I've tried wrangling wild yeast a few times, with no success. One time nothing, not even mould. Anyway this time I used a couple blackberries and a crabapple. Success! The wort had a 1.043 OG and ended (at least short term) on 1.010, so a minimum respectable (for an English ale, and a wild...
  2. dethbunny

    Strains for primary with BR-8 bottle conditioning

    In various SafBrew BR-8 materials, it's described as: There's this notable callout direct from Fermentis: How do people determine what is or isn't a maltotriose-positive yeast? It seems to be a distinct attribute, different from diastatic. From my initial searching it seems that most s...
  3. Northern_Brewer

    Fermentis BR-8 - first dried Brett

    Fermentis are very proud of their new baby, BR-8, so much so they even did a fancy Guinness-style video which tells you absolutely nothing about the product but tells you how to feel about the "brewer’s journey, through his thoughts and doubts. It’s about his path towards his most creative self...
  4. Andrew Hodgson

    Back at It - Brettliner Weisse

    This is a pretty simple brew I did with a bud over the weekend. Haven't brewed in awhile and need to get back into the swing of things. I am posting mainly because I have not seen a lot regarding anecdotal experience with WLP 648 (Brett brux trois vrai). Simple sour grainbill 60/40 White Wheat...
  5. luis.salas

    Whiteout Wit Anchorage Brewing clone recipe

    Anyone has a clue about this? Haven't tried it, but just from reading the description I think I'll love it.
  6. luis.salas

    Ideas on a 100% Brett project

    Hi, I made my first 100% beer, a Farmhouse ale inspired in this recipe. I'm planning to bottle next week, so I'll have a nice yeast cake fresh to use (I know there are discussions about this, but I've done it many times always succesfully). I guess the brett strain is B. claussenii, due to the...
  7. RiccoStar

    Oak chips timing effect on flavor

    After a few different experiments / brews I can say that personally the more time sitting in cubes or oak chips, my brew finishes with less oak flavor. Does anyone else have the same experience ? Seems most sources online claim more time with chips = more oak flavor, but I’ve had complete...
  8. Andrew Hodgson

    Dry N Quick Sours (Gose)

    I am trying out a technique @RPh_Guy illustrates on a post in this thread: I am just starting this to document the process/results and if anyone else is trying similar things etc. etc. Simple Gose recipe: 7lb German Pilsner...
  9. Gnomebrewer

    Gigayeast Sweet Flemish Brett GB144

    I'm just preparing to get into making some sour and funky beers after trying a few commercial examples and realising I've wasted 22 years of my adult life drinking 'clean' beer. I've ordered some Wyeast Roseleare to be delivered, to try making some Flanders Red/Brown ales, but also picked up a...
  10. N

    Oaked Saison feedback

    This is my first ever saison. I decided to get a little crazy and do something aged on oak with wine because I've had a few similar examples I've really enjoyed. I mostly chose the malt bill because it's what I have on hand, but if you have any suggestions on adjustments up/down please let me...
  11. matzou

    Tepache and wild yeast/bacteria

    Hello, Just to gather some information, I recently made a Tepache from the skin of one organic pineapple with some cane sugar, cinnamon and ginger. Unlike my last batch which had no problem (beside the usual souring if left fermented too long), this batch half was consumed 24h after still the...
  12. yard_bird

    Beer for Next Fall

    I’m new here so I hope this is in the right forum; let me know if it should be moved. Working on a recipe to brew in ~November 2018 for Fall/Winter 2019. I’m shooting towards a high gravity beer that falls alongside either Belgian Quad or Old Ale. This time last year, I brewed an old ale with...
  13. peanasky

    100% Brett Cider Discussion

    I'll start off by saying that I am, in no way, an accomplished cider maker. If anything, I'm still a bit of a noob. However, I've been brewing beer for a while (8 years?) and over the last year or so have fallen in love with Brett yeast. It's got just enough funk, can provide some tartness, as...
  14. rondemay

    Brett Concerns

    I don't know. I've never bretted anything before, but I don't think this is right... There is no pressure in my secondary. I wouldn't expect to see much activity, or any more fermentation, but a little standing pressure would make sense. I was worried about air leaking in, but it's a glass...
  15. R

    How long before Pediococcus starts souring

    Hi all, We had long time plans to do a sour. So recently (14-1-2018) we set out to do a graded souring. We brewed a saison which we fermented with WLP566 (Belgain Saison II). After two weeks (28-1), when airlock activity and gravity readings came to an arrest, we pitched in a package of Wyeast...
  16. Adam P

    Bottling Mixed-Culture/Dregs Brett Beer

    Hey all, first time caller here! I've been brewing all-grain for about six months now, and have just gotten into some yeast harvesting, stirring up starters, etc. I brought back a case of Hill Farmstead from VT last year, so I decided to try my hand at propagating up some of those dregs. I got...
  17. G

    Late Addition Brett: For Homebrew and Commercial Beers

    I'm interested to know if people have experience of opening bottled and fully carbonated beers to add Brett to them at a later date? The inspiration came after a recent batch of Tripel turned out pretty poor; however, at the time of bottling I put aside 6 bottles to which I added dregs from a...
  18. G

    Inland Island Saison/Brett Blend INIS1S2B

    Anyone out there have experience with this blend. I picked up some out of date vials, only to find nothing on Inland Island's website about characteristics of this stuff. From the product number, I am guessing that it is 1 sacch and 2 brett strains, but what sacch and what bretts? They (Inland...
  19. mirthfuldragon

    First Lambic - questions on technique

    I jumped in on the 2018 12 Beers of Christmas exchange, and I ended up with a crabapple lambic from Randy Mosher's "Radical Brewing". I saw a copy of the base recipe - 44.5% pilsner, 44.5% wheat malt, 11% munich - straightforward enough. I plan to get it started in the next couple of week or...
  20. dubbwelsh

    Filling Growler from Bottles

    I already know this seems like a situation nobody would encounter, hear me out. I have a bottled Brett Stout that I entered in a comp and it scored high enough that I was invited to a People's Choice Round where attendees will judge the beer. You're supposed to bring 2-4 growlers. All my beer...