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Jun 21, 2014
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New Haven County
Hey, Maylar, how did your modified JAOM come out? Did you try it yet?
Racked it yesterday -
Started with a 1-1/2 gallon Big Mouth, took the oranges and spices out after 2 months and let it clear -

JAOM finished.JPG

It racked to a full gallon and enough for "sampling"

JAOM  racked.JPG

This was a big failure. It finished at 1.025 and 13% ABV and it's WAY too sweet without the pith bitterness. My brother likes sweet stuff and he says it'd be good chilled. Otherwise it tastes like a JAOM should and the honey and orange are up front.

I'm gonna make another batch starting at 1.100 and use a wine yeast that I know will go dry, then mix the two. So to all JAOM makers, take Joe's advice and follow the recipe EXACTLY.