How long will grain keep?

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Jan 7, 2008
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Dexter, MI
I am new to the world of all grain brewing. I have however done several extract with specialty grain batches but only 1 all grain. All of my extract batches I bought as a kit had just enough ingredients to make that one batch. I have found AG brewing to be much more rewarding so I am getting ready to start my second AG batch (a Bell's Best Brown Clone). What I have found is that the recipe calls for several different measurements of grain none of them are a whole number. I have also found that most homebrew shops only sell grain by the pound not the ounce. My question is if I buy 1 pound of chocolate malt and only use 2 ounces of it, how long will the additional 14 ounces last?

Please help,

If it's not crushed, it'll keep until the weevils start hatching. That can be anywhere from a couple months to several months, depending on when the store got the grain in. Usually, it's longer.

I stocked up, when several of the local supply shops were closing. I must have bought ~300 pounds of grain. Big bags, little bags, etc.. I keep them in plastic storage bins, in the basement. Nice and cool year round, and the critters stay out of them too. I haven't brewed in a long time (3 years - :cross: ) I have brewed three batches in the last 3 weeks, and have had no problems with my grains. I figure I have had them now for close to 6 years. That is the main reason why I am brewing alot. I would like to get rid of as much as I can, before restocking. That is also another reason why I am developing my own versions of recipes, to reduce my grain stockpile.

Time to brew some more this weekend.

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Are you sure your LHBS doesn't sell grains by the ounce? I know the two that I use price their grains by the pound, but sell you whatever quantity you need for your recipe. Since I don't have a mill, I find that it is easier to buy exactly what I need for a batch and have it all crushed and bagged together.