How best to manage spills while dismantling pump tubing

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Jun 15, 2021
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Blue Point, NY
Hey Folks,

I just added a pump to my setup (induction BIAB) for recirculating while mashing and chilling—one of those Ferroday magnetic impeller types available on Amazon. While doing a leak test (i.e. playing with my new toy), I was careful not to run it dry. Since the tubing (silicone 1/2”) was all filled when I went to break down, it seemed impossible not to spill. It would stink if that was all nice sticky wort. Best I could think of was to run PBW, then StarSan, then water through it all. At least then I’m just spilling water. Maybe remove the pump from its mount and dismantle any connections over the sink? Thoughts?

I’ll also be happy to read any advice you wish you were told after adding a pump for the first time!

It's all about the valving :)

I run a 3v2p single tier rig, with each vessel's drain and return ports having ball valves, and both pumps having ball valves on their output ports. All vessel and pump ports sport male camlock fittings while all hose ends have female camlocks. This is a classic 3v2p configuration and allows isolation down to the hose level. Add a good size sponge to capture dribbles when decoupling a hose end and you can actually get through an entire brew day without spilling sticky stuff on the floor.

There are some finesse techniques involved - like, after breaking a connection, raising the hose end high then opening the upstream valve to let the hose drain backwards before moving to the next connection...