help on copper for chiller

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Feb 20, 2009
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Clinton, NY
I posted this in the DIY but this section is for beginners and i am def one. Anyways i think i got the wrong kind 3/8 inch SOFT tubing, its REALLY bendable, is this the wrong kind before i make this?
sweet thanks!.. i only got 20 ft but im broke and only do 5 gallons. for 44 bucks i got a hose spigot adapter a connector tube to the 3/8 nipple and the nipple for the clear tubing.... The guy at the store gave me 15 ft of tubing and called it 12 and it was 19 cents a foot. is this good?
I'm just using the cheapest garden hose I could find, The hose shouldn't matter your not drinking that water. Mine hasn't melted yet so I'd say its fine