Help me make Muscadine wine?

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Aug 18, 2012
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Hello everyone!
I am working on a plan to make a muscadine wine as a gift. I purchased some 100% premium muscadine juice to do so. Gravity of the juice is around 1.068.

I have Kveik and Premeire Blanc yeast and would like to make this a wine that is sweet or at minimum on the sweeter side. Backsqeetening is an option, but I don't like the idea of adding sulfates or additional to kill the yeast before backsweetening if at all possible - I have a bottle explosion paranoia of sorts.

So my next guess would be to give the yeast so much sugar that it kills itself, leaving enough sweetness remaining g to keep it sweeter.

I'm considering just raising the gravity with honey above the 16% range that premiere blanc is stated to ferment to. I'm also considering getting some red rape juice concentrate to dump in to increase gravity as well.

Any suggestions for how to go about this would be awesome.
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If you're scared of a bottle-bomb using k-meta and k-sulfate, then overfeeding the yeast with sugar isn't the way to go. I'd be more worried about the yeast very slowly eating sugar after the "plateau" of 16% or whatever than I would be yeast actually surviving k-meta and k-sulfate. I use this method, and have never had a wine bottle-bomb.
Agreed--adding more sugar but not restraining the yeast is more likely to give you bottle bombs. Yeast don't have hard limits on what they will consume despite the ranges set on packaging. Even if fermentation slows to the point you have a stable FG reading, over months in the bottle there may be slow continued fermentation.