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Jul 30, 2023
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I joined a bit ago but haven't posted anything. Just been reading and learning more.
I'm not really a newbie to brewing beer at home, just a newbie to doing it right. My first brew was somewhere in the 80's I believe (Terrible with dates) and it was a mail order kit for starting out. It included a bucket fermenter which was really quite good with a good sealing lid, hydrometer, caps, capper, instructions and the first kit. Can't remember the style but it was dark canned hopped LME. I brewed it, bottled it with a teaspoon sugar in each 16 ounce bottle. I had returnable Genesee Cream Ale bottles I believe. I wasn't used to any other beer other than Old Style, so needless to say I didn't care for it too much. Did a few more brews and then stopped for a while. Started again doing DME kits and started getting something I could drink. Recently moved to BIAB in 3 gallon batches and have to say it is now the best beer I have ever brewed.
I learned a lot of things here that helped so much.
Like: Leave the lid off during a boil. Sanitization without using bleach. Temp control of fermentation. The list goes on and Probably couldn't remember everything.
So, Thanks for letting me learn.