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Tony B

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Feb 2, 2024
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San Diego Ca
I will never be. 🤣
Hey, all! Just dipping my toes here. Doing some research in an attempt to learn enough to make some enjoyable batches of beer. Got a 5 gallon kit on the way and will certainly start with beginner level recipes. Eventually I am very interested in learning to brew some west coast style, IPA’s and APA’s, blonde ales and kölsch. One of my goals is to make a very piney IPA.
I live in a neighborhood with at least a half dozen, probably closer to a dozen excellent breweries or tasting rooms within walking distance, so the bar is pretty high. But I’m really just looking to enjoy the experience, learning process and creative outlet that this will bring.

Looking forward to chatting and learning from this group!
Welcome to the madness we call a hobby. Tread with caution as you are on a slippery slope from which there is no return. Within these threads you will find vast knowledge and real life experiences about everything homebrewing. Best of luck to you in your journey going forward.
Best piece of advice I can give you is to ignore YouTube and these forums for awhile. You don’t know what you don’t know. With experience you will figure out what steps you can add, change or eliminate from your own brewing process.

Next, take notes on everything you do, beginning with an inventory through drinking your first and last beer. And follow the instructions as written. If you have questions, call the store who made the recipe.

And be patient, it takes time to brew beer. Plan on at least a month from start to popping a top on your first beer.
I got a “ once used, Northern brewing kit” from OfferUp for $60. Looks clean, lightly used and all the bits and pieces are in the box. It also included a “ fresh squished IPA” recipe kit. 🤣
Yeast packet was dated 4/2023, so I assume the whole recipe kit is about a year old.
My GF and I went to the local home brew mart and spoke with some people there. I showed them the instructions that came with the kit and they suggested a few changes as well as buying fresh hops and yeast. I bought those and some sanitizer. Wish me luck. 😬

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