GIVEAWAY for INKBIRD Wi-Fi ITC-308 Temperature Controller!!

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Just took the step recently into all-grain brewing. This would be an amazing addition to the equipment I have. I could actually leave my brew on brew day and know if the temp gets out of range :eek: Class!

Thanks inkbird - followed and liked.
This is ideal for any keezer build! I want to setup a glycol loop from my keezer to bring a chilled tap to my kitchen! Then ask for forgiveness after her favorite beer (Blueberry Blonde Ale) is on tap!
I'd definitely like to try one of your temp controllers. Though I wish manufacturers would quit making me put their own app on my phone. Why can't you just set up the device so I can https:// into it and see any info I want?
I love my Inkbirds, I now have three ITC-308s, and could always use another... :)

As for the app, have been using the latest version, there was a bit of a hiccup last week during an update where I lost all connection to my controllers, but this was fixed very quickly and am back online. One issue I'm having trouble with is adding the controllers to Google home. I would really like voice control, but can't seem to make this happen? I'm in Australia if that makes any difference. (For reference, my garage controller only works with Google in the US, and not in Aus!!??)

Thanks Inkbird, great products.