Frustrating Search for 5/8 Fender Washers

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Kwanesum Chinook Illahee
Oct 17, 2007
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Portland, OR
I've been searching for a few weeks now for 5/8 fender washers to use on my DYI mash tun. I can not find them ANYWHERE. Searched stores, online, you name it. I've found dock washers (thicker then standard fender washers) but can't find them in SS, only galvanized. Does anyone have a line on 5/8 SS Fender washers that might want to hook a brother up?
I'm not sure what the stores would be called in the US, but we have stores like Brafasco up here that specialize in fasteners and things like that. I got my 5/8" SS fender washers there.
uuurang said:
Here's an earlier discussion about the 5/8 washers. Maybe Skifast1 at post # 38 can still hook you up with some...

Thanks for the link. I actually posted in that thread a few weeks ago but thought making it's own thread would help.
I had a time trying to find the same, and ended up using 1/2" SS washers and using my step drill to make a bigger hole. Just a thought.
Jesse17 said:
I just checked ya go.

Click Here

5/8” x 2” 18-8 Stainless Steal Fender Washers
Sku: 71225
Package Quantity: 1
Manufacturer: Fastenal Approved Vendor


Good call. I swear I went through 10 pages of google searches and couldn't find a thing that I didn't have to email for a quote.

I think I'll pick some of these up. Anyone interested in me picking up a few spares?
Flipper said:
I got my SS Washers at Lowes, but they were 3/4"

Ditto, and it works great! Also, I didn't use 5/8" fender washers on the outside, I used 5/8" some other type washer. The fender washers only went up to 1/2"
Kilted Brewer said:
them in SS, only galvanized. Does anyone have a line on 5/8 SS

check out industrial suppliers as others have mentioned, a few others would be,, Good luck.
Any TruValue hardware stores in your area should carry them. Those guys somehow manage to have more in the way of useful parts than Lowes and Home Depot combined, at least in my town :p.
Ordered 15 from Fastenal as suggested earlier. May have been a little pricey as they came out to about $1.87/each to my door. But, I have them and only used 3. If anyone is interested shoot me a PM.
lol it took me several weeks to come up with some and of course home depot or lowes didnt have them, well they did but not the size i needed. i ended up finding mine at a little local hardware store just down the road from my house lol.
i think i paid something like 34c a pop for them. i did use galvanized on the outside of the mash tun though and SS on the inside (my shaft was a little to long :D )
I had the same problem with finding a SS washer.

What I ended up doing, since i had step bits already, was get a 1/2" fender SS washer and put the 5/8" hole in it. Worked like a charm with NO clearance problems on the lauter tun.
i just used a regular SS 5/8 flat washer for the inside...tested it tonight and no leaks so far!
I used UHMWPE instead of stainless, figuring the washer would conform better to the curved inner surface of my mashtun. I haven't mashed in it yet, but it held up overnight with zero leakage.