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Jan 11, 2013
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New brewer here. My favorite beer of all time is the Firestone Walker Double Jack, and I'm looking to do an extract version... I found this blog and have since attempted to convert it into an extract recipe. Here's what I've got calculated for the 5 gallon batch:

17.75lbs 2-Row * .75 = 13.31 lbs LME
2.5lbs Munich * .75 = 1.875 lbs LME
5oz Simpsons Caramalt

= 11.43 lbs of Muntons Light LME (adding the 1.875 below to 11.43 gets the original 13.31)
= 3.75 lbs of Munich LME (This is 50/50 munich/light malt, so 1.875 of munich and 1.875 of light)

I'm only able to do a partial boil right now, will I be able to get all ~15lbs of that extract to become soluble in 3.5 gallons of water? Also, the Simpsons Caramalt, how long should I steep it for? Should I still do only 5 oz?

I also get confused with hopping the beer--as I understand it, I have to hop more when I'm brewing with less fluid because there is less utilization of hops when not doing full boils. I didn't dive into the math yet, and found that beersmith calculates the alpha acid utilization based upon volume of water. However, is the volume it calculates include the LME? Should I be calculating this by hand based upon the volume of the water AND LME?

Maybe I'm over thinking this. I feel like I'm going to have a hard time measuring out such small differences in hop quantities--the recipe conversion calls for 1.79 oz of hops sometimes.

Any input? The recipe as I think I'll do it is below:

Steep Simpsons Caramalt x 60 minutes @ 155
11.43 lbs of Muntons Light LME
3.75 lbs of Munich LME
3.58 oz warrior x 90
1.8 oz cascade, centennial and chinook x 30
2.5 oz cascade, and centennial at flame out, stir for 15 minutes
WLP002 Yeast
Dry Hop 1: .5oz ea Centennial/Cascade

Dry Hop 2: .5oz ea Centennial/Cascade/Amarillo/Simcoe
Dry Hop 3: .5oz ea Centennial/Cascade
Dry Hop 4: .5oz ea Centennial/Cascade .25oz ea Amarillo/Simcoe
3-4 days per addition


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Nov 17, 2010
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You shouldn't have any problems getting the extract to dissolve, as long as you stir it in well and are careful about boilovers. You only need to steep the Caramalt for 30 minutes, and don't worry too much about hitting 155—just stay in the 140-160 range.

I'm not sure you should bother adding more bittering hops. You're probably already at the maximum solubility of IBUs in your 3.5 gallons with the original 2 oz of Warrior. That's one of the downsides of a partial boil. You may, however, get better utilization if you add most of the extract near the end of the boil. I believe BeerSmith has a 'late extract' option that will do those calculations for you.


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May 13, 2013
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Just wondering if you tried this? I'm going to assume even if you did it's not quite ready yet. If you have at least started it how long did you leave it in primary/secondary and what did you end up hitting for your OG and FG? Can't wait to hear how it tasted when you are done.