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  1. oljimmy

    New York Full Electric Apartment Homebrew Setup, Used Once (NYC)

    Pickup or I can drive to you if in the area. Asking $250 obo. Bought all of this new for $650, used once to make a delicious Blonde Ale, we drank too much of it one night, wife got pregnant, game over for my apartment brewing. :D Gear is: Ss Brewtech Mini Brew Bucket 3.5 Gallon with Blow-off...
  2. BeerFather Brewing

    Texas Electric Homebrewing Set-up - $100 local p/u DFW, TX - SOLD

    Unfortunately time to get out of the hobby. No more homebrewing, at least not on the scale of this system. So, I present for your consideration a full electric homebrewing set-up. See pics. Let me know if you have any questions. Used primarily for both BIAB & all-grain brewing 1 15g...
  3. Lucaso

    Problem setting Sestos B2E

    I bought an all electric setup this Summer. Brewed twice but took a several month break. Now I can’t get the element to turn on and the seller reminded me that the timer has to be set for the element to activate. The timer is a Sestos B2E and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to set...
  4. J

    Control Panel with On/Off/Auto Switches

    I'm designing up a control panel for an electric BIAB setup. I'm looking for it to have two modes, three with off. On, which is basically just on and then auto where the relay is connected to a automated controller of some sort, craftbeerpi, brewblox, PID controller, etc. I haven't come...
  5. Merkur

    A Different Sort of Control Panel

    Two years ago when I was planning my electric brewery, I was set on a ‘traditional’ three vessel system and read the electric brewing forums, watched the YouTube videos and @kal ’s excellent material on The Electric Brewery website. That all changed when I was convinced by several highly...
  6. Joshiwa300brewing

    For Sale Electric BIAB Florida

    Looking to sell everything, have ebrewsupply electrical controller, 5500 watt stainless heating element, spike 15 gallon kettle with false bottom to cover element ( I used brew in a bag ) and rain spout in lid of kettle, riptide pump and hoses, 2 - big mouth bubblers, 2 kegs, temperature...
  7. J

    For Sale [NW Arkansas] Brewha 90L/24Gal Brew In A Conical (BIAC) and accessories

    For Sale: Brewha 90L/24Gal Brew-In-A-Conical (BIAC) and accessories Asking $2000 This is a great system which has given me years of faithful service owing to its excellent build quality, but the time has come for me to part with it. I have too many competing interests these days, and this is...
  8. M

    120v 20a Controller build advice

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to homebrew talk but I've been brewing for about 2 years and it's time for an upgrade! I've been researching a DIY controller. The setup I'm going for is a single vessel eBIAB, one pump for recirculation/counterflow chilling, 20a 120v power, 2250w heating element. I have...
  9. C

    New Jersey FS: Leaving the Hobby - Kettles, Ferms, Keezer, Kegs, Tanks

    Hi All! I seemed to have lost the spark to brew - and due to space reasons I have decided to move on from the hobby and sell my gear. Looking In-Person only (will travel 45 minutes from Summit, NJ - happy to meet at any of the great breweries in the area such as Twin Elephant and Untied...
  10. P

    SF Bay Area (Petaluma, CA) - Electric Brew In a Bag (eBIAB) System - $650 OBO

    BIG price drop. Looking to move this quickly! Selling a complete all-grain electric brew-in-a-bag system, along with a ton of extras (including an entire extra gas-fired system!). Asking $800 $650, or best offer. Strong preference to sell EVERYTHING at once. Sadly selling because I've run out...
  11. K

    Spike Solo Brewery Build

    After taking a year off from brewing I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Coming from using gas in my garage I moved into a house that has an awesome indoor shop in the basement. Obviously I just had to take the leap into going electric. Finally ran the 240v and getting excited...
  12. tidesmatt

    In MA: 20 Amp PID Controlled Electric Brewing Panel w/Extras Available - $450

    For sale is a custom built 20 Amp PID controlled electric brewing panel setup based on Ebrewsupply.com Deluxe DIN mounted panel build. The panel includes an SSR PID temperature control from Auber Instrument (SYL-2352) as well as a timer for beer brewing with multi-event programming (JSL 73B)...
  13. A

    Connecticut Grainfather with Extras

    Grainfather with connect controller, cam lock conversion, wort o meter, hop spider, false bottom, micro pipework, grain coat and sparge water heater. Lots of extras. $600 OBO. Located in CT. Willing to travel a bit too.
  14. Docod44

    Anvil Foundry High Mash Efficiency - SG vs OG outcomes question

    Hi all, I brewed my second batch on my 6.5 Anvil Foundry today and copied Clawhammer's Candy Orange IPA recipe (Candy Orange IPA - Hazy Session). I am still dialing my Brewfather numbers in but today I found something strange with my SG and OG. Their recipe targets an OG of 1.046, I set my...
  15. V

    Craft the Perfect Draft Quick Disconnects

    It happened to me right at the end of a boil for a ten gallon batch of English IPA. I'd been brewing on this electric BIAB system for several months and loved how easy it was to connect and disconnect the silicone tubing whenever I needed to. But when the line connecting the kettle to the inlet...