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  1. Docod44

    Anvil Foundry High Mash Efficiency - SG vs OG outcomes question

    Hi all, I brewed my second batch on my 6.5 Anvil Foundry today and copied Clawhammer's Candy Orange IPA recipe (Candy Orange IPA - Hazy Session). I am still dialing my Brewfather numbers in but today I found something strange with my SG and OG. Their recipe targets an OG of 1.046, I set my...
  2. V

    Craft the Perfect Draft Quick Disconnects

    It happened to me right at the end of a boil for a ten gallon batch of English IPA. I'd been brewing on this electric BIAB system for several months and loved how easy it was to connect and disconnect the silicone tubing whenever I needed to. But when the line connecting the kettle to the inlet...