Dry Hopping with Hop Hash

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Feb 5, 2012
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Does anyone have any experience dry hopping with hop hash? I got a few 4 oz packs and used 2 of them in the boil on a 12 gallon batch. They were much more of a resinous blob than I had expected. I’m not sure how well it’ll break up and dissolve into solution on the cold side. Into the boil, they’d come straight from the freezer. So, hopefully getting them up to room temp will help them break up a bit before the dry hop, but I’m not overly optimistic about the prospect. I’m mostly hoping that some agitation during dry hopping will help.

Also curious how much is good, or conversely how much is too much. Of the things I’ve read, I’ve seen some “I’m going to do this” posts but not a lot of follow-up data.

I’m planning to split the batch and dry hop one keg with the hop hash and the other keg with pellets.