Doing taxes...1099-C awww crap...

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Jun 26, 2009
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Camano Island, WA
Good luck!

I'm still waiting on my wife to give me documentation of all her income. She's promised it to me this weekend.

The ridiculous thing I found out this year: children who earn 1099-MISC income are treated different than children who earn W-2 income. My daughter does a little modeling and if she makes more than $600 in a year, the agency generates a 1099-MISC, and she has to file taxes. There is no lower limit on what has to be filed like a W-2 dependent income ($5,950).

So my 7-year old has to file taxes. She doesn't owe anything because her income is too low. She doesn't get anything back because nothing is withheld. It's just a paperwork exercise I get to do on her behalf every spring.

Oh, and for fun I can itemize any clothes I buy for her for one of her jobs.