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Jul 28, 2013
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My basement is a constant 72 degrees. Got the wort of an Amber Ale down to 67 before pitching yeast in a basement conical. A swamp cooler and wet t-shirts kept the temp constant for 2 1/2 days, but then fermentation shot the temp up to 72. So, off to Home Depot to get a pond filter and some tubing. I had some extra refletix in the garage and fashioned a quick and dirty cooling wrap with reflective and duct tape. So far, it's been able to hold the temp of the fermenter at 68 with about an inch of water and two frozen milk jugs that I swap out every four hours or so. Gonna add some ice tomorrow and near the end of fermentation, I'll turn it off and let the yeast finish. I'll make some mods in the future with temp control and a larger surface area for the wrap, but so far this is working rather nicely.

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