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Jan 12, 2023
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Here’s a new one for y’all!

Had the lawn crew at the house doing some driveway addition work today and they happened to wrap up the work at the same time I was chilling my batch. I opened the garage to a storm of dust from the limestone they were cutting because they were using a blower to get it off the driveway. Pretty sure it coated a bunch of stuff in my garage. Do I got limestone dust in my beer now and is it bad?? Lol
Water may be filtered through limestone naturally… an addition of limestone might impart a mineral flavor and or change PH a bit. I’d rather have earthy dust than other organic materials or lawn chemicals etc. I would think it should settle out of suspension naturally and not end up in your fermenter.
Limestone isn't a issue. It's mostly calcium carbonate which can be used in beer making to adjust water and mash pH.

What is a issue is most everything outside has wild yeasts and other microbes on it's surface that if they take hold over the fermentation being done by the beer yeast you choose, you may get bad tasting results.

You may not know for sure until you taste the beer after it's been properly carbonated and conditioned. You might see signs of infection in the FV. But still that won't tell you what the final taste sensation will be.

So for now, just go by the adolescent phrase we use to use all the time, "the alcohol will kill the germs".
Probably not any worse than brewing outside on a windy day. Forge ahead and see if your beer turns out ok. If it does, you'll know that it's been through a good "stress test" and you can RDWHAHB.

It's windy a lot where I live, so when I brew in the garage I shut the overhead door with just a few inches open to allow ventilation.
Just feel fortunate that your septic crew wasn't working that day.
Indeed. Had a broken sewer drain and the plumber, who is also a neighbor, came out on a Sunday to fix the problem and didn't close the garage door while cutting the asphalt. Fortunately the dust quickly set off the fire alarm but what a freakin' mess! Took out my herb garden too. I never brought it up however, just cleaned everything carefully.

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