Dark Malts Mini Mash - Enough Diastatic Power??

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Jul 1, 2012
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I'm working on a split back and that requires me to perform a secondary mini mash for additional extract and color. Will the following convert? Im trying to solve for how much pilsner malt is needed to allow this to convert as much as possible. How does one figure this out?

Assume 150-156F for an hour or so.

27% Flaked Barley
27% Pilsner Malt
13.5% Medium Cara
13.5% Chocolate Malt
13.5% Roasted Barley
5.5% Black Patent
Pretty sure the only grain in that bill with any diastatic power is the pilsner, generally considered to be around 140 L but if you have a spec sheet, use that number. 140 would make the net Lintner for the bill 38.5, which is low (you want to be above 40) but if you stir often and make sure the pH is good it should still convert...

What Pilsner Malt?

Briess: shouldn't be a problem
Weyermann: give it plenty of time and cross your fingers
Dingemans: cross fingers on both hands
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