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Dec 23, 2009
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Just made a Dunkelweizen kit from AHB, and when i disolved the yeast in warm water, the yeast didnt really seem to dissolve...really much at all. I let it sit for 25 mins in 90* water. Is this normal for that yeast? Most of it still seemed to look like tiny little tubes when i pitched.
can't say whether or not it's normal for that yeast, but i'm sure it'll be fine. let me know how you like that yeast, i didn't have good results.
i just didn't get much in the way of traditional hefe yeast characteristics out of it, but i didn't have any temp control at the time and may have fermented it too cool... not really sure.
I will let you know. I am ready to drink a Dunkelweizen that was a vigirous fermentation and was on the yeast for 14 days. Fermented at 68 deg.
Munich is OK, for wheats. Better than WB-06, not as good as liquid yeast.

I keep a couple of packs around for backup, in case I have a washed yeast failure.
I've never heard any good stories about Danstar Munich. I'll stick with Wyeast 3068...
I have a Safale S-33, its for Belgian style wheats. I might end up using that. I know it wont be a dunkelweizen then, but it'll save me from driving 120 miles round trip to get a $2 pack of yeast.
Well, i guess my Munich was dead. I got a 3068 Activator and pitched it yesterday at lunch and by 6pm i was getting Krausen, and by 10pm i had to change the airlock over to a blowoff tube. It is churnin' and burnin' now :ban:
I just made a blood orange hefe with this yeast. I am on 24 with no activity. If nothing is happening by the time i get home from work, I may have to mozey on over to my local home brew shop and get some more yeast. I need to have this ready to go for Feb 27.....
interesting that all of us used this yeast for a dunkelweizen...

I did the same, terrible results. horribly slow fermentation, then just stopped at around 1.018-1.020. I did a wit previously with Safale t-58 (i think that's the #), and it turned out much better. After the Munich failure stories i read, and the Notty issues a few months back, I'm beginning to think that you get what you payfor with Danstar. I'm gonna stick to safale/brew or liquid yeasts from now on.
just to keep everyone updated, I tried to up the temp of my fermenter, just in case the temp got too low, so in the tub with nice warm water. Temp rose to 78 degrees, checked it in the morning and still no activity and same OG. Ran to LHBS to get some white labs WPL300 (should have done it in the first place), and when I opened the bucket to repitch, low and behold there was a krausen starting to form. I threw the WPL300 in anyway, but I sure won't be using the danstar munich again any time soon.
I used Danstar Munich for a Hefeweizen. 50 50 pilsner malt and wheat.

Hectic fermentation, and i fermented low at 14C, and ended up not getting any of the cloves I was after. Not bad, but i guess too clean for a hefeweizen yeast.

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