Clearing with Bentonite, awful taste

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Sep 7, 2014
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A little background is needed I guess.

We started 6 gallons with Montrachet yeast and orange blossom honey. Racked twice but it was still cloudy after 8 months. I added 2tsp of bentonite to clear it as I've used it before with no issues.

Two days later the mead was cleared but now had a metallic smell and awful taste. This flowed over to the other 3 1 gallon batches I also tried to clear.

I can't imagine bentonite has a shelf life. Any ideas what may have caused it.

I've been making mead for 3 years but don't let that fool you into thinking I know what I'm doing :)

Any help would be appreciated because I have 4 more 1 gallon batches going now about 4 months in and just started another 6 gallon.

Thank you

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