Chocowheat Dry Session Stout

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Nov 27, 2022
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Hudson Valley, NY
Simple recipe, turned out really nice as a dry snack of a beer. Body and head turned out pretty good for the small grain bill. Fermented very hot for S-04, which gave a slight funky yeast flavor at 1 week, but mellowed nicely. Change yeast based on preferences, but consider keeping it a little warmer than normal to add a little flavor back to a lower alcohol beer.

(I'm trying different dark grains, and dry stouts seem like an easy way to compare. I think the chocolate wheat turned out nice for a low alcohol beer -- might not be bitter enough for a 5% dry stout. edit: There is a slight sooty character to the chocolate wheat. Swapping ~4oz for roasted barley would probably mask it.)

Method: All Grain
Style: Dry Stout

OG: 1.030
FG: 1.008
ABV: 3.0%
IBU: 38.0
SRM: 29.3
Batch Size: 5.6 gallons
CO2: ~1.9vol

FermentablePPG°LBill %
4 lbCrisp Malting - Finest Maris Otter38366.7%
1 lb Weyermann - Chocolate Wheat34.841516.7%
1 lbFlaked Barley322.216.7%

VarietyTypeAAUseTimeIBUBill %
2 oz FugglesPellet6Boil30 min37.37100%
Notes: AA on this batch was a little high. 2 oz at 30m left a hint of flavor that was nice.

AmountDescriptionTypeTarget TempTime
4 galAmylaseTemperature148 °F90 min
3 gal2nd RunningsSparge75 °F30 min
Notes: DP of MO lot was 62L. Starch test appeared negative at 60m. Raised temp a bit after 60m to encourage gel & finish sac. Was surprised by pH=5.5, but went fine. Water is carbon filtered tap (NY Hudson Valley), no salt measurements available.

Fermentis - Safale - English Ale Yeast S-04
Amount:1L SNSFermentation Temp: (ambient)80 °F
Attenuation (custom):72%Flocculation:High
Optimum Temp:54 - 77 °FStarter:1L SNS
Notes: Airlock was bubbling at 8 hours & almost completely stopped at 32 hours. Left in fermentor for total of 6 days for schedule reasons.

Packaging: Kegged and force carb'd to 1.9vol. Flavor mellowed/improved over ~2 weeks.
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