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Sep 13, 2017
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A few weeks back I brewed up a Chinook Session IPA. It turned out to be a successful brew. The flavor profile came though much better than I expected. I posted the full brew day.

This was the first time out for my new brewing setup. I recently upgraded to a 10 gallon kettle and mash tun.

I learned a few things.

The temperature profile of a 10 gallon cooler is different from a 5 gallon one. Previously I would have to heat my strike water to a slightly higher temp due to the higher grain to water ratio. I did the same thing here and ended up with a 160 F mash temp. The target was 152 - 154.

The boil off rate for a 10 gallon kettle is going to be different. This one is a no brainer. I really should have measured that before jumping in.

There were a few other minor issues but overall, it was a successful brew.

The beerXML file is available on my website for anyone interested.