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Jun 13, 2007
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Bloomington, IN
*EDIT* I Answered all my own questions. Feel free to read if you like, but I don't need troubleshooting anymore. ;) Yay for playing around with the program a little bit. ;)

So I just installed my temporary copy of brewsmith and I have a question.

Whenever I use LME in my recipes it has a "Dry Yield" of like 76%. Now I know when steeping / mashing Malted grains you only gain a certain amount of fermentables, however I was under the assumption that Extracts provided 100% fermentables and that 1 pound of most LME's provide around 1.034-1.038 when dissolved in one gallon of water. To achieve this in brewsmith though I had to alter the dry yield because my recipes OG was coming up short of my, hand calculated, OG. Am I doing this correct or not? I was following the instructions and math as provided by:

Thanks in advance!

I think I answered my own question. John Palmer suggested that 1 lb of LME has around 1.034-1.038 OG when boiled in one gallon of water. Whereas brewsmith has their Wheat LME at around 1.046 when when at 100%. I'm guessing John's put in an average based on normal % yield.

However, I have a new question. Every time I add grains as opposed to Extract they only contribute 1.001 to my OG per pound. What do I need to change to get it to correctly configure my OG for a mix of grains and extracts?

Thanks in advance again!